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  • We respect the individuality and uniqueness of every child.

  • We believe that expectations should match a child's developmental age.

  • We believe that children should be treated with kindness and understanding.

  • We strive to help children attain a healthy self image through encouragement and positive reinforcement.

  • We expect staff to serve as positive role models and to exhibit Christian values.

  • We value diversity.

John Wesley ELC was founded in 1977, so there is a long history of educational experience.  Throughout the years, John Wesley ELC has provided a safe, loving, and nurturing environment.  We believe strongly that children learn best through play and that the role of the educators is to capitalize on that innate desire by setting up an environment rich in learning opportunities for all our students.  We utilize a research-based and research-proven curriculum (Creative Curriculum). 
We acknowledge that children come to us at different places in their development; and therefore, we structure our lessons to meet those individual needs. While there is a lot of playing going on at JWELC, the activities are purposefully chosen to enhance, challenge, and support the learning of each of our students.

I have had two children attend John Wesley ELC. I cannot say enough nice things about the staff. This includes the director, teachers, assistants, and all church volunteers. A wonderful preschool!

— M. Howell, parent

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